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Prometheus Unplugged

The ancient Greeks have always been revered for their art, philosophy and literature, but not their rock music...until now that is. Light-hearted, experimental and humorously allusive, this music-themed poetry collection is a breathless extravaganza, illustrated with colourful collages. Loosely aimed at teenagers, it’s an eccentric and ecstatic romp through the rock and roll circus.

"Filled with endless clever and original thought, imaginative word play and rock and roll references."
- Anastasia Gonis, Buzz Words Magazine Online
Three poems from Prometheus Unplugged
A flea at a rock concert would be displaced
In the throng and the hubbub, the heady embrace,
It’s clearly a fact and it now must be faced;
A flea at a rock concert would be disgraced.

Worms, ants and grasshoppers come one and all,
Roll up to the rendezvous, crawl to the ball,
But a flea at a rock concert itching to dance
Would surely be pre-booked in somebody’s pants.

Beetles in leathers could come to the show,
Black on black armies might line the front rows,
But a flea at a rock concert, dressed up or not,
Might just jump the gun in the late night fun slot.

Hopping the queue then to perch on an amp,
Gone for the day from the hide of a tramp,
A flea at a rock concert might be as odd
As a rock at a flea circus, all on its tod.

A flea at a rock concert would be too much,
One bug too many in the frenzied rush,
Press speculation and all jokes aside,
If I said it would show on the night - then I lied!
1. Moon

When sanity threatens there’s always the moon,
Come festival time you can hire a balloon,
And clutching your ticket sail up through the clouds
To a gig that’s out of this world.

2. Rock

The rock on the moon is as hard as it comes,
There’s space-bending solos on guitar and drums,
It’s dreamy and bouncy, the night is so long,
You’ll find cosmic kinship, you’ll find you belong.

3. Star

The star is as brilliant as any you’ve seen,
He shines like a diamond you’d see in a dream,
Before he shoots off get an autograph quick…
A trail to remind you…
A fact so sublime you’ll
Remember your time on the moon.
A geezer in Greece called Sisyphus
Invented heavy rock;

He hauled a stone up a hill, nearing the top,
But down it then rolled again.

This early example of rock and roll
Caught on like a house on fire.

But the gods only knew why Sisyphus, blue,
Could never get any higher.
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