"Murphy's poems bounce right off the page."
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"Roses" (Collage)

Say it with collage. I exhibited the original artwork for this design in Lismore last year, as part of the Verso art project to fund Lismore Cathedral.    

"Harelquin (After Cezanne)" (Collage)

This image is one of several collages I've created inspired by paintings of Cezanne. The original was exhibited in a solo exhibition of mine in Momo restaurant, Waterford, in 2017. 

"The Sensual World" (collage) 

This image was created for a 1989-themed exhibition organised by Silvio Severino in Cork in 2019, and is inspired by the Kate Bush song and album of the same name from that year. Kate's song was in turn inspired by Molly Bloom's sililoquoy in Joyce's Ulysses. The lips of the maverick musician form part of the composition, and the verticals were inspired by the forest setting of the song's video! 

"Portrait" (Collage)

I created this collage some years ago, around the time I had the idea to make cards out of my artwork.

"Miracolo" (Collage)

This image came together very quickly and remains a favourite. I exhibited it at the New Reality show in Market House Craftworks, Cappoquin, in September, 2022. The exhibition has also been staged in St. Peter's in Cork (October, 2022) and will also be displayed in Gallery X, Dublin, in February 2023.